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We offer a wide range of services which include:-

  • Contact Lenses

    Our contact lens specialists will advise you on the best lenses for you and will check that the lenses fit properly and your vision is the best it can be.  We will then teach how to apply and remove your lenses safely and advise you on the most hygienic way to care for your eyes and lenses.  So for everyday use, sport or for those occasions when glasses just won’t do, contact lenses are the perfect solution.

    Eye Examinations

    Our comprehensive eye examinations check your vision and the health of your eyes.

    Using some of the latest technology our optometrists can detect many eye conditions that can affect your vision and health and will advise you accordingly.

    You will then be dispensed by a fully qualified Dispensing Optician who can help you with frame selection and advise you on the best lenses that will suit you and your lifestyle.


    We cater for everyone when it comes to frames.  We have designer and budget and many children’s frames.  Please feel free to come in and browse our selection, and our dispensing opticians can help you choose the most comfortable and appropriate for you and your prescription.


    Our friendly and professional dispensing opticians will help you choose the most appropriate type of lenses that will suit your lifestyle and your pocket.  Lenses range from the latest bespoke varifocals to budget single vision.  We can supply the crizal lens which is anti-reflection, UV protective and with a 2 year anti-scratch guarantee.  We also can supply transition lenses that change with the light and many more lens options.  If you have had your eye test elsewhere just bring your prescription in and we will discuss the best options with you.

    O.C.T. Scan

    The O.C.T. (Optical Coherence Topography) detects conditions such as Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration.  Using it as a baseline we can detect any changes in your eyes from one test to the next and this can help us predict some future problems. The optometrist will discuss the benefits with you at the eye examination but please do request one if you want.

    Retinal Photography

    Retinal Photography allows the optometrist to see a very detailed image of your retina and optic nerve.  It shows many of the blood vessels in the retina  and so any changes over the years can be monitored.

    Sports Vision

    Our wide range of sport frames cover everything from golf to swimming to rugby.  So if contact lenses are not the solution we are certain we can find something that will cure the problem.


    We have a wide range of sunglasses available with designer brands such as Chloe, Guess and Land Rover. 

    Most of them can be glazed with your prescription so you can see as well as look good.  We can discuss the best tint colour and the benefits of polarised lenses.

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